A Beacon of Hope...

...for all abandoned and vulnerable children around the world.
God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

-Pastor Nathan Mejica, President of SOTH

 What we do:

As a child organization (orphanage), SOTH exist to honor God by rescuing and caring for abandoned, neglected, abused and underprivileged children all for short and long term.

As a developmental organization, SOTH provides developmental programs adopted and designed to specifically address changing needs of children and youth in crisis. Its approaches ushers enhancing and life changing experiences to help a child experience love, care, belongingness, respect, positive growth and development in a safe and healthy environment.

In order to reinforce SOTH's child rearing duties, SOTH established its own school named SOTH Center For Music, Arts and Sports, Inc. It was meant to assist the children in understanding what abilities they have, and usher them in their quest for academic advancement and excellence by understanding the different multiple intelligence children may possess.

 For the community:

Shepherd of the Hills Center for Music, Arts and Sports is the educational arm of the Shepherd of the Hills Children Foundation. With levels from Pre-school and Elementary, poor and vulnerable children are given educational training in a caring and considerate environment.

SOTH also provides Community Outreach programs where parents are taught about parenting, health care, importance of education and the Word of God.


We envision a generation of hopeful children transformed to be leaders, discipled christians and responsible individuals.


We exist to honor God by rescuing and discipling children, educating students, training leaders and establishing homes through out the Philippines.

 Our Programs
Scholarship for College Students
Primary and Secondary Education
Leadership Training
Bakery, Cookery, and Restaurant Management
Organic Farming